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Emerald Laser Signature

45 minutes

About This Treatment

The Future of Fat Loss Treatments! There are many fat loss treatments out there, but here at Lunabella Aesthetics, we’ve struck fat loss gold – or rather, emeralds, with Emerald Laser. Emerald Laser is a cold laser for fat loss, also known as laser liposuction. Unlike regular liposuction, laser lipo gives you the benefits of fat loss without the downtime and risk associated with surgery. Emerald Laser melts stubborn fat which your body then processes naturally through the lymphatic system. There’s no pain or downtime, just astonishing results. Emerald Laser is so effective that we’re proud to offer our clients this exclusive treatment. This treatment is revolutionary, and our clients can’t get enough of it.

What is Emerald Laser?

Emerald Laser falls under the category of low-level laser therapy (LLLT), a type of photomedicine that uses light to treat health and cosmetic issues, including fat reduction. Another term used to describe laser treatments is PBM or photobiomodulation. This refers to any treatment that causes a modification in a cell’s outer layer. The technology behind Emerald Laser allows it to specifically target fat cells, generating effective fat loss results. Being a Class III cold laser, Emerald Laser is also safe. Hotter lasers, Class IV, can actually burn your skin, so that’s why using a cold laser is ideal for safe fat loss.

How does Emerald Laser work?

Emerald Laser emits a low-level frequency that pokes small holes in the surface of the fat cells. This essentially melts the structure of the cell so that fatty acids leak through the cell walls and are then carried through the body’s lymphatic system where they are flushed out. This shrinks the fat cells, resulting in loss of measurements and weight loss. Why is Emerald Laser the Future of Fat Loss? Emerald Laser is the most advanced cold laser fat loss therapy on the market. The laser not only targets very specific areas but also produces dramatic decreases in measurements and weight as compared to other similar lipo laser methods. With hyper-specific targeting or unwanted fat, stunning results, and no downtime, this treatment is being offered at exclusive spas worldwide.

What areas can Emerald Laser treat?

Emerald Laser can be used to target fat in all the usual areas where we most complain about fat collecting: the thighs, including the inner and outer thighs, the abdomen, waist, buttocks, back, and arms. It can also target fat gathered around the ankles and get rid of neck fat – bye-bye turkey neck! You’ll love how you look in jeans and you won’t have to keep finding clever ways to hide your bat wings, love handles, muffin tops, back fat, and even the dreaded turkey neck (get rid of your scarves and turtlenecks for good!).

Meeting your fat loss goals can help to boost confidence and help you feel like your best and healthiest self. We can discuss the number of sessions and recommended treatment combinations with emerald to enhance results or treat multiple issues at the same time during our first consultation.

PRICE GIVEN IS FOR 1-2 AREAS AT THE TIME. We combine Emerald laser with one of the body detox treatment options based on client's needs.

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